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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I support you in order to get access to the additional material?

If you live outside of the European Union, the best thing is to get a Steady membership because then you immediately get access to the additional material.

If you live in the European Union, you could also take a Steady membership but you also have the option to transfer me money without transaction costs via SEPA. Just also write me a mail in this case.

I am already a supporter. How do I access the additional material?

If you are a Steady supporter, you should use this website:

If you are a YouTube member or a Patreon member or if you paid directly to me, then you should have a password for accessing this website:

Where can I ask some particular questions about mathematics?

Use the community forum to ask me and fellow learners.

I found a mistake, typo, or something obscure. What should I do?

Please tell me about it such that I can correct it. A question in the community forum is useful or you can send me an email. If subtitles have typos, you can fix them here.

What tools do you use for creating these videos?

You can find tools and software here.

I signed up for a package where I get mentioned as a supporter in the credits in the video but I don’t want to see my name there.

Tell me via email or a Steady message that you don't want to appear in the credits.

I want to download a whole video course including the videos for offline use.

This is possible, either by buying the Steady package for this or by asking me directly about a download link.

Can I download the pdf version for the whole course instead of single files?

Yes, this is offered for each course at the end of the page. Just go to the course and scroll down.

My question was not listed here.

Just write me an email or a Steady message.