Support me

Steady A membership platform like Patreon where you can choose the monthly amount that suits you best. This is the easiest option for me and you.
SEPA If you are in the EU, this is a normal bank transfer where no fees are involved and the whole amount reaches me. I will give you access to the material you want to use. Don’t forget to write me afterwards.
PayPal Choose any amount you want to support me. Please choose “For friends and family” instead of “For good and services” as the payment type to reduce transaction costs. I will give you access to the material you want to have. Don’t forget to write me afterwards.
YouTube member YouTube offers you to join YouTube channels as members. With this, you can also support me but I recommend Steady as a membership platform.
Patreon If you don’t want to use Steady or YouTube for memberships, you can find the same tiers on Patreon as well.
Liberapay Use the open-source platform Liberapay to support me regularly.
Ko-fi You can give me tips over the Ko-fi platform.
Monero A cryptocurrency focused on privacy where only small fees are involved.
Steady - gift membership You can gift memberships for Steady. Ideal if you only want to support me with a one-time payment and you want to get access to the material.
Email If you are not able to give me financial support, that is no problem at all. Just send me an email about how you use my videos on YouTube.